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Information about the CIS

CIS stands for the "Commonwealth of Independent States" - a loose federation of independent states constituting the former USSR, established after the USSR collapsed. The CIS head office is located in Minsk in Belarus but, unlike the EU, the CIS does not have either a constitution or an independent parliament. CIS member states include 11 of the 15 former USSR republics, excluding the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as Georgia.

※Georgia renounced CIS membership in August 2009.

■CIS member countries:

The Market Environment

CIS countries have developed their economies at a rapid rate. For example, Russia recorded economic growth for 8 consecutive years up to 2006. The Ukraine has strongly promoted the development of a market economy. Kazakhstan, with abundant natural resources, has achieved stable economic growth. In the near future, each country seems likely to increase its national budget and robust private companies are appearing in rapid succession.
Our target is to assist the development of such a vigorous and promising market, with many business opportunities.

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