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Our Management Principle

Tokyo Boeki Group "Founding Spirit"

1. "Team Spirit", in which all employees work together to overcome difficulties
2. "Frontier Spirit"
3. "Spirit of cooperation", in which all employees participate in company management decisions


TOKYO BOEKI TECHNOLOGY LTD aims to become a developing company where each employee has a vision of the future and the will to make it happen. Our company objectives are:

1. To be a company with a valuable mission and the ability to complete it
2. To be a company that is trusted by its customers, by its partners, and by society
3. To be a company that is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities

for materializing our vision of the future and the will to make it happen

1. Take action with enthusiasm and commitment
2. Embrace all challenges fearlessly
3. Advance with "team spirit"

Compliance policy

● Basic Policy

(1)Comply with all laws, company and office rules
(2)Act in accordance with common sense

● Compliance outline

1.Guidelines for sales promotion
(1)Comply with all trade-related laws
(2)Ensuretrade security
(3)Comply with all relevant laws in each business field
(4)Comply with all anti-trust laws and related laws
(5)Avoid actions that contravene fair competition
(6)Protect intellectual property rights
(7)Protect classified information
(8)Maintain a secure business environment

2.Guidelines for our role as a corporate citizen
(1)Treat all customers with courtesy and respect
(2)Do not engage with government officials in any entertainment or similar activities that may violate existing laws
(3)Do not engage in any donations that may violate existing laws or rules
(4)Do not associate with any anti-social group
(5)Ensure appropriate use of all information systems
(6)Ensure that our profit never leads to loss by another
(7)Adopt appropriate accounting and tax procedures

3. Guidelines to ensure the maintenance of an appropriate working environment
(1)Ensure respect for human rights and prohibit discrimination
(2)Prohibit sexual harassment
(3)Comply with all relevant laws and rules regarding office safety and security