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2011/04/01 We changed our company name.

As our business expands to global market,we change our company name to Tokyo Boeki Technology Ltd
from April. 1 2011.

2011/03/01 We signed cooperation agreement with Far East Federal University                           in Vladivostok.

On Mar 1, our compamy signed the cooperation agreement with Far East Federal University in Vladivostok city. Mr. Masaharu Kono, Japanese ambassador to Russia, also attended. Vladivostok city is very lively now for the expectation for the forthcoming APEC, which will be held in this city in September 2012,. Our company also continues to make a contribution to the development of Far East region in Russia through education and science field.

2011/02/02 We signed cooperation agreement with Krasnoyarsk Medical University.

Tokyo Boeki CIS Ltd was invited to attend the International Medical Conference sponsored by Krasnoyarsk Medical University on Feb.2 2011. At the conference, signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between Krasnoyarsk Medical University and our company was held in a grand manner. Around 400 guests from all over Russia and other countries celebrated this event.

2010/11/08 We participated in IGEM 80th anniversary conference

November 8, 2010
At the Institute of Ore Geology, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry (IGEM, Moscow), conference was held to commemorate 80th anniversary of geological research in Russia. Our comany participated in the conference as a part of cooperation based on the agreement with Russian Academy of Science.
After the keynote speech of Mr. Laverov, vice president of Russian Academy of Science (former head of IGEM), around 100 geology specialists presented their latest research each other during 3 days session.

2010/11/01 We participated in the Nanotechnology Forum

November 1 -3, 2010
Our company participated in the Nanotechnology Forum which was sponsored by state-run company Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (Rusnano) and we made an exhibition booth, campaigning “to provide total solution with nanotechnology”
Nanotechnology is prioritized also in Russia as a national policy. In the exhibition, republics, states and municipal governments, universities and Russian Academies of science had exhibition booths.
We are supporting cooperation among Russia, Japan and other countries in academic and industrial fields.

2010/10/10 We participated in the 4th Mass Spectrometry Young Scientists’                           Conference

October 10 ? 14, 2010
Our company participated in the 4th Mass Spectrometry Young Scientists’ Conference as a Main Sponsor held in Zvenigorod city, suburb of Moscow.
This conference has been held every two years. This time, young scientists gathered from all over Russia and presented their line of studies during lodging.

2010/10/08  We participated in the 5th Science Festival

October 8 ? 10, 2010
Our company participated in the 5th Science Festival held in Moscow, as a Main Sponsor.
This event is for living up to scientific curiosity among Russian students in elementary school, junior high school and high school from various scientific viewpoint. This event originally started in 2006 and held every year, arranged mainly by Lomonsov Moscow State University, Moscow Municipal Government.
More than 200,000 people joined this year.
Many children gathered to see the microscopes introduced by our company, and were surprised at the micro-world seen in microscopes.
We are supporting future scientists.

2010/09/28  We participated in scientific instruments exhibition “LabComplex ”

Sep. 29 - Oct.1, 2010
Scientific instruments exhibition “LabComplex”, Innovation High Technology International Forum was held in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. We participated as a General Partner.
This exhibition is the biggest scientific instruments exhibition sponsored by National Academy of Sceience of Ukraine.

2010/09/21  We organized the 2nd Japanses and Russian Young Scientists’                           Nanomaterial Nanotechnology Conference

Sep.21 ? 22, 2010
The 2nd Japanses and Russian Young Scientists’ Nanomaterial Nanotechnology Conference was held in Tokyo, organized by Moscow State University, Tokyo Institute of Technology and our company.
The 1st conference had been held in Moscow in 2008 and this time, held in Tokyo, 32 Russian young scientists were invited. 51 Japanese and Russian young scientists announced their studies, made poster session and exchanged views on their studies.

2010/09/13 We participated in the EUROCORR-2010

Sep.13 ? 17, 2010
Our company participated in the EUROCORR-2010(European Anti-corrosion Technology Exhibition)as a Gold Sponsor. This is an international exhibition of anti-corrosion technologies held in Russia for the first time.
Our company provided solutions to the issues in oil and gas fields, with introducing the Japanese advanced technologies.